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Your Guide to a Successful Embroidery Business

What You Need To Know About The Embroidery Business!

97 pages of powerful, condensed information for the start-up, expanding or established embroiderer!

If you are considering going into the embroidery business, you truly do need this Embroidery Business Success Guide . It will easily pay for itself in helping you avoid mistakes and optimizing your opportunities as they arise.

Embroidery Business Success Guide offers experienced-based information and guidance acquired during our 17 years in the embroidery industry. Invaluable and timely information for the start-up and expanding embroiderer!

Comprehensive, invaluable and timely, the Embroidery Business Success Guide is for anyone exploring the possibility of starting and operating a successful, profitable embroidery business, as well as advice and insight for the existing embroidery shop looking for direction and/or increased profitability.

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Topics Include:

  • What to expect from the embroidery business
  • Critical steps to take when getting started
  • Selecting a direction for your business
  • Goals for your business as they relate to your desired lifestyle
  • Determining your local market area or niche
  • Powerful low or no cost methods of marketing
  • Production capacity - how much can you produce per hour?
  • How to price embroidery
  • Steps to insure profitability
  • Accurately calculating your total costs
  • The selection of new and/or used equipment
  • General equipment related issues
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Dealing with contract embroiderers - when and why
  • Background information on digitizing
  • Dealing with digitizers
  • Selecting software for your business
  • Hiring and firing for embroidery positions
  • Renting commercial space
  • Negotiating a lease

Plus much, much more on embroidery and general business management.

Embroidery Business Success Guide

BUY Embroidery Business Success Guide

  MSRP: $59.00


"I am reading this new book that I purchased from you and it is concise, informative and well written. I knew if I bought something from you it would be money well spent. Thank You!"

"Worth ten times the $29.00 price!"

"We purchased your guide prior to starting our business and selecting our equipment and we are very glad that we did. We have been in business now for six months and still refer back to the guide. Thanks!"

"The absolute best $29.00 I have ever invested!"


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