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Mastering Monogram Wizard Plus DVD
A Complete Audio Visual Tutorial for Monogram Wizard Plus

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Unlock the Power of Monogram Wizard Plus!
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Mastering Monogram
Wizard Plus

Now you can become a Monogram Wizard Plus Expert !!

Newly released 136-minute DVD tutorial for Monogram Wizard Plus.

Watch, listen and learn how to create your own beautiful monograms and names.

Watch the entire video, or access specific information by individual chapters.

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Magnificent Mind Productions is pleased to announce the release of Mastering Monogram Wizard Plus, a DVD-based tutorial for the powerful Monogram Wizard Plus embroidery monogramming program. Now you can watch, listen and learn as beautiful monograms and names are created, edited, manipulated and saved.

Mastering Monogram Wizard Plus is over 136 minutes in length, and includes 34 selectable chapters. You will learn all aspects of Monogram Wizard Plus at your own pace and on your own schedule.

With Mastering Monogram Wizard Plus, you will be able to create beautiful monograms immediately upon viewing the Basic Monograms and Names Chapter. Watch the entire tutorial or select a chapter on a specific topic, such as monogramming styles, kerning, the use of layers, line spacing, letter spacing, designing with motifs, creating and saving your own styles, changing and reordering color sequence, and so much more!

Mastering Monogram Wizard Plus also includes detailed instructions for installation and use of the Extended Features Upgrade. Extended Features includes powerful capabilities such as Import External Embroidery File, Click and Drag, Flip Horizontal, Flip Vertical, Rotate and Color Sort.

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A Complete Audio Visual Tutorial for Monogram Wizard Plus

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Mastering Monogram Wizard Plus Features:

  • Over 136 minutes of detailed, step-by-step, audio visual instructions on DVD.
  • 34 selectable chapters for quick and easy access to specific information.
  • Quick start chapter with multiple examples of basic monograms and names.
  • Every feature and function of Monogram Wizard Plus explained in detail.
  • Learn at your own pace, beginning with the Basic Monograms and Names.
  • Detailed instructions for Monogram Wizard Plus Extended Features.
Watch, listen and learn:
  • Basic and complex monograms and names.
  • Use the Layers function to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind monograms.
  • Use the Style function to create, save and recall your own unique monograms.
  • Make adjustments to spacing between letters, words and lines.
  • Change the color sequence, create custom monogram and background colors.
  • Reposition monograms, names and motifs.
  • Adjust grid size, letter size, boldness and letter width.
  • Use kerning, change density, insert color changes, select satin or fill stitch.
  • Change the color sewing sequence of a monogram or name.
  • Reset and clear the screen, exit the program and print directly from the screen.
  • Install and register Monogram Wizard Plus and Extended Features.
  • Save, change the size of a monogram or name and rotate when saving.
  • And more! All features and functions explained in great detail.

Unlock the Power of Monogram Wizard Plus -
Become a Monogram Wizard Plus Expert!!

BUY Mastering Monogram Wizard Plus DVD
A Complete Audio Visual Tutorial for Monogram Wizard Plus

  MSRP: $59.95
Today's special price! $39.95

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