FAQ's About Monogram Wizard

Will Monogram Wizard work with my machine?

The Monogram Wizard saves stitch files in Tajima (*.dst) format only. Tajima files are among the most stable and versatile stitch files available. Also, they are the most compatible with a wide range of embroidery set-ups. Will they work with your machine? Yes...

However, there may be some intermediate steps that you must go through, such as converting the stitch file created by the Monogram Wizard to another format, in order to sew the designs on your machine. Some machines (Brother, Babylock) will read Tajima files straight from a floppy disk. Most card writers will easily open Tajima files and write them to an embroidery card in the format you desire, as will most machine specific digitizing/customizing programs. However, you will want to check your setup to see how you can handle Tajima files with what you currently have. If you are not sure or need more information, call us toll-free at 1-866-730-4833.

If you are interested in writing additional embroidery formats, please check out Monogram Wizard Plus. It writes in .dst and a number of additional formats.

Can I install the Wizard on more than one computer?

Presently, Monogram Wizard is licensed to be installed on one computer only. Like other software on the market that does not require a dongle, or sell a specific multi-user license, the Monogram Wizard is presently sold as a single license.

What happens if my computer fails?

Simply install the Monogram Wizard on your new or repaired computer, get in touch with us with the new registration number, and we will walk you through the necessary steps.

How big or small can I make letters in the Wizard?

You can make letters of any size in the Monogram Wizard. There is no limitation on how big you can make the letters, however, a warning message will appear if you start making letters smaller than the recommended minimum size for that particular font. With that in mind, you can go ahead and make letters smaller than the recommended minimum size, however, the quality may be lacking and additional steps need to be taken to ensure that the letters sew out well.

Does density/stitch count change when you resize the letters?

Yes! The fonts and motifs in the Monogram Wizard appear as stitches on the screen, however, they are actually in an outline type format. Therefore, whenever you make any change to the design on the screen, the stitch count and the density is automatically recalculated to reflect the changes you made.

Can I import designs I already have into the Monogram Wizard?

No. As described before, the fonts and motifs in the Monogram Wizard are in an outline format, even though they appear as stitches on the screen. This allows for quality to stay in tact through re-sizing, increasing/decreasing the width, increasing/decreasing the boldness and so forth. The stitch count and densities are constantly being re-calculated and therefore must be in a particular format to be usable. Any designs originating outside the program will not be in the correct format and will not render the best possible results.

How can I print a design that I made using the Wizard?

Right now there is not a print function in the Monogram Wizard (there is in Monogram Wizard Plus). However, you can take a screen shot of the Wizard (by pressing the print screen button on your keyboard). Then, paste the screen shot into a graphics program such as Paint or Photoshop, and print the design out from there. Please note that the design will not necessarily be actual size. We have added a print function to Monogram Wizard Plus.

If you have additional questions about Monogram Wizard, we encourage you to or call us toll-free at 1-866-730-4833 .

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Benefits of Upgrading from Monogram Wizard to
Monogram Wizard Plus:

Print from screen.
Includes five new fonts
Writes in .exp, .pes, .sew, .jef, .jef+ In addition to .dst
Design in layers to create elaborate monograms.
Save setup as a Style for future recall and use.
Select satin or fill stitch types.
More direct spacing capabilities for letter movement.
New monogramming style included


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