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Floriani My Decorative Quilter

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Floriani My Decorative Quilter - Quilting Software

Your thread will surely dance on your quilts when you use Floriani's My Decorative Quilter. This amazing quilting and embroidery software simulates the look of hand heirloom, echo, stipple stitches and more!

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Now every quilt you make will become an exquisite family treasure passed down through the generations.

My Decorative Quilter enables you to create quilting works of ART with unlimited inspiration! Below are some samples provided by Quilting ARTISTS around the world.
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the art of decorative quilting!

You can now have the beauty and elegance of hand sewn stitches in a few simple clicks and create quilting works of art with unlimited inspiration!

Below are a few of the many features this amazing software will enable you to do:

Crazy Quilting: Crazy Quilting is a time honored technique that directly reflects the artistic expression of the quilter. It is an art form in and of itself. Easily apply the look of hand stitched embellishments choosing from over 50 heirloom stitches to create exquisite embroidery that will be treasured for all time.

Echo Quilting: Showcase your applique or embroidery with this radiating quilting method. Easily manipulate the echo impression to capture your inspiration in a few simple clicks.

Trapunto Quilting: This sculptured quilting technique is made effortless and unlimited, allowing you to choose or create the trapunto effects you desire.

Stippling & Micro Stippling: Create the look of free motion stippling and micro-stippling without the labor. Choose from over 300 advanced stippling designs or simply create your own!

Applique the Floriani Way: Quilting applique is amazingly simple and unlimited with the tools to create, stitch and embellish any design with a little touch of fabric and a few simple clicks. Create a design or simply open an existing applique design to embellish on the fly.

Your Imagination is Your Only Limit! Choose popular scanned fabrics or simply add your own favorites. Upload your own images and simply trace around them to add to your design repertoire.

Personalize IT! Add text choosing from over 50 fonts plus endless borders and embellishments to create custom quilt labels or even custom quilt blocks.

My Decorative Quilter will bring out the creative artist in every quilter. Over 2200 quilt blocks can be embellished with fonts, stipple, echo, trapunto or d├ęcor stitches with accuracy, speed and creativity.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Windows XP Home/Pro (SP1,2), Vista, P3 300Mhz Processor, 300MB hard drive space, 128MB RAM, DVD Drive, 800 x 600 display, Mouse, Internet Access.

BUY Floriani My Decorative Quilter - Quilting Software
  MSRP: $999.00
Today's AMAZING Price:

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